2002 Reunion - 55 Years

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2002 - 55 Years


Classmates Teachers
Earlene Buckner Black Mrs. C.C. Campbell
George "Pete" Bryant Mrs. Minnie Hinternhoff
Geraldine Chatam Morris Mr. Raymond Rhodes
Joline Cooper McDaniels Mrs. Sarah Dininny
Elizabeth Duke Smith Mr. H.C. Deal
Randal Dyer Mr. Sherriell Story
Bobby Eggleston Ms. Ellen French
Douglas Ellington Ms. Sara Anderson
Sherman Fisher Mrs. Louise Shoemate
Billy Foley  
Vernon Lee Hilton  
Patsy Ingram Brown  
Frances Jarrett Jones  
Dorothy Jones Knight  
Betty Kendrick Robertson  
Melvin Kendrick  
Lynn Koontz  
Roy Meadows  
Reggie Nichols  
Pat Reeser  
Margie Reynolds  
Mable Rickman  
Nancy Roach Jones  
Jack Roberts  
Maraget Shough  
Kitty Stevens Hubbard  
Henry Stocks  
Edward "Speed" Sutliff  
Preston Thompson  
Claudine Thornton Pulliam  
Berkely Underwood  
Lewis Underwood  
Mickey Vestal  
Matha Ann Wade  

Principal - D.M. Snodderly

2002 - 55 years

Group Photo


2002 Reunion



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