Leaksville High School
Class of 1947
Monthly Luncheon Meetings and Classmate News

(All class members are welcome to provide news at any time by emailing wjg1@glenos.net )

January 13, 2012


 Corky, Roy, Phyllis, Betty, Lucille, Bill, Wallace, Joe and Ginia. It was good to see Ginia and Phyllis.



February 10, 2012 (Submitted by Betty Shively)


Ginia, Roy, Betty Shively, Joe, Jim and Rachel Dunn, Phyllis, Harold and Faye Redmon, Betty M. Culver, Merle, Wallace, Barron, and Corky.


We had a great time today and the best crowd we have had lately.  There were fourteen present.

We received a good report on Pete.  He is recovering well from his surgery and will not have to take any treatments.

We talked about our 65th reunion.  We plan at this time to have it in August this year at Bill Goldston's Restaurant. More will follow on this later.


March 9, 2012  (Submitted by Betty Shively)


Wallace, Faye and Harold Redmon, Pete Warren, Ginia, Alma, Betty Shively, Corky, Richard Via, and Joe.  Jewel Warren came with Pete.


It was so good to see Pete and he looks so good. He said  he could start playing Golf on Monday.  We were all so sorry to hear about the loss of our classmate, Peggy Sutliff Lawson Bowman.

April 13, 2012  (Submitted by Betty Shively)


We really enjoyed ourselves this month. Bill and Vivian Armfield came and everyone was so glad to see them.
The following were present: Bill and Lucille Morris, Roy Eggleston, Baron Shaw, Al (Jim) Dunn, Betty Moore
Culver, Merle Howe Williams, Wallace Washburn, Phyllis Dyer Stickels, Betty Hicks Shively, Corky Curry, Harold and Faye Redmon.


We were sorry that Joe Strutton was unable to be there. Alice was having surgery at Cone Hospital for a cancer found in her lungs. We wish her well and hope she will be home soon.

April 27, 2012 
(Submitted by Betty Shively)


Billy Morris had a light heart attack on Thursday  night and is at Morehead Memorial Hospital. He is better today and hopes to go home the first of the week. He is still in ICU.

May 11, 2012  (Submitted by Betty Shively)


Our class luncheon was held May 11th with 8 attending. Those present were
Corky, Wallace, Baron, Betty Shively, Phyllis. Ginia, Joe and Alice Strutton.


It was so good to have Alice there and looking so well.

We are so proud of Pete Warren. Pete will receive from Lynchburg College an Honorary
Doctor of  Human Letters at Commencement on Saturday. This is the first time
in the College history that a retired faculty member has received an honorary
doctor's degree from the college. Way to go Pete!!

 We all remembered Roy and Vicky Eggleston whose grandson, Brandon who was killed in
Afghanistan April 26th. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.



June 8, 2012  (Submitted by Betty Shively)

 Wallace, Corky, Al (Jim), Faye, Harold, Ginia, Bill and Vivian, Betty and Joe.


The group decided to have our 65th reunion on August 10, 2012

July 3, 2012

We  plan to have our reunion on August 10, 2012. If you haven't received your information package, contact Betty Shively.


July 13, 2012


Our class met on July 13th. We had 10 present, Barron, Alma, Corky, Wallace, Joe, Roy, Betty Shively, Ginia, Lucille and Bill Morris.


 We look forward to our 65th Class Reunion at 912 Bethlehem on August 10th.

September 14, 2012

We had a great time at lunch yesterday. Vivian and Bill were in town so they came. I told Lucille to come on with Baron
when he came to lunch because we wanted both husband and wife. There were 13 present which was pretty good.
Corky, Wallace, Phyllis. Bobbie Carter, Vivian, Bill. Lucille, Baron, Ginia, Joe, Betty Shively, Lucille and Bill Morris.
Jim(Al) and Roy could not come because of cataract surgery.  Hope to see both of them in October.


February 8, 2013


I haven't been sending anything about lunches. I missed the one in January. We really had a goodtime Friday. I saw Link Barton and invited him because I knew Vivian and Bill would be there . I knew he was good friends with Bill. Those present were Phyllis, Bill, Myself, Link, Corky, Wallace, Barron and Lucille Shaw, Betty Moore, Merle, Vivian, Ginia, and Faye and Harold.

This was pretty good group. I wish we would have at least that many every time.   Betty